Use case: documented reports

Whether you work in insurance, automotive or industrial technical controls, or real estate diagnostics, automated PDF generation will save you considerable time.

Instead of generating reports manually, beyond a certain volume of diagnostics, automation is essential. We will explain how to set up the automated sending of diagnostics to your customers.

Build the diagnostic path

As an expert or diagnostician, you know your job inside out. It has become automatic to carry out your diagnosis and you know the steps by heart. The first step will be to bring these steps into consciousness. We recommend that you create a list or better yet, a mind map on which you will write down each step of the diagnostic process. You will be able to list all the data to be collected during the diagnosis.

Create the digital environment

You are free to proceed in a simplified way with spreadsheets such as excel spreadsheets or to create software that will allow you to collect this data. The superior solution in terms of quality is to subscribe to a business software that corresponds to your sector of activity. However, it is not always adapted to your processes and your needs, in which case it is recommended to create a tailor-made software or application. There are now solutions like Glide that allow you to create your own applications by connecting existing ones. You also have the option of having one developed by a professional, in which case the field of possibilities becomes almost infinite.

Interconnect the tools

When you don’t have the budget to have software developed entirely, you can interconnect different solutions, and this is what is commonly done in our time. Tools like Zapier, Make and other automation platforms allow you to create automation chains between different software and applications. Remember to use PDFMonkey at the stage of the automation chain where the PDFs need to be generated. We recommend that you choose the solution that offers the best time saving / investment ratio. You can easily calculate this by comparing the labour costs for performing the tasks to be automated with the expenses for digital tools over a year.

Create a template for diagnostics

To generate diagnostics to be sent automatically to your customers, we recommend that you create a document that reads smoothly and logically. The human eye reads documents from left to right and from top to bottom. You can also consult our article dedicated to template design to go further into this subject. Remember to personalise your diagnostic document with an attractive design that matches your company’s graphic charter. This document will contain empty fields in which the diagnostic data will be generated dynamically.

Generate diagnostics automatically and send them by email

Once your automation chain is defined and your data collected and entered in the right fields during your diagnosis, you can automatically generate the diagnostic PDF. Remember to program in your interface the sending of the document to the customer concerned, with or without a personalised message. This will save you valuable time and your approach will be perceived as more professional, an excellent way to improve your customer experience and therefore their satisfaction.

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