How to create a great PDF template?

Creating a great PDF template may seem simple at first glance, but when it comes to design, some rules must be followed.

Create Your Own PDF Template

Many Design templates are available online, and you can take inspiration from those available on Canva. Once you’ve finalized your design, you can start coding to specify fields that will be automatically customized based on the data you’ll integrate into the PDF.

Create a Good Design

To create a coherent design, we encourage you to rely on your graphic charter and consider the following points:

  • High-definition logo that stands out on the background, without any overlapping patterns or shapes, to ensure readability from the background
  • Adherence to your graphic charter, including typography, spacing, and percentage of color areas; if you don’t have one, aim for a clean and readable design
  • Harmonious background, in line with your graphic charter, no more than three different backgrounds throughout the document
  • Legible typography and lines, neither too thin nor too thick, readable from a distance and no more than three different fonts throughout the document

These are simple reminders of graphic design rules that will ensure a professional outcome.

Create a Sequence of Clear Information

To create a clear document, it needs to be well-structured. We recommend using these different elements to produce clear and readable PDFs:

  • Tables, column-structured, with numbers aligned to the right if they contain any
  • Bullet-point lists, when enumerating multiple items
  • Multiple paragraphs, focusing on one idea per paragraph
  • Images to illustrate your points The most important fields in large and bold to prioritize the different texts

The more structured the reading areas are, the easier it will be to read your PDF.

Integrate Dynamic Data

This is the stage where developer skills will be essential for inserting your dynamic data into the content. Whether it’s text, numbers, or images, you can pass this information via dynamic data. We use Liquid syntax to integrate this data into your PDFs. We are available via support to assist you if you encounter any difficulties.

Delegate Your Template Creation

If you’re short on time or find template creation complex, you can contact us at to request template creation. We encourage you to specify your needs in detail, as well as to attach your graphic charter and the purpose of this PDF. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to offer a tailor-made service. Quality PDFs are within your reach for a professional approach.

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