How to integrate PDFMonkey into a Zapier automation?

Generating PDFs automatically is convenient, but it loses its meaning if the rest of the actions are not also automated. This is what Zapier, a renowned solution, offers.

With Zapier, you can automate the rest of the process of processing your generated PDFs to create a fully automated document processing.

PDFMonkey × Zapier

PDFMonkey is automatically offered in the solutions to integrate into your Zapier automation chains. During your onboarding, you can directly search for PDFMonkey and select it to integrate it into the solutions to connect to your chain.

Zapier also offers different pre-thought-out automation chains that you can set up in connection with our solution.

We also offer a guide to getting started with Zapier.

Examples of using PDFMonkey with Zapier

You can, for example, automatically send an email after generating a PDF report.

If a new contractual document is generated, you can create a Slack channel to follow the file with your entire team.

If the generated PDF is an invoice, you can ask to schedule a Google Calendar appointment to follow up with your customer.

Integrating the generated PDF into Mailchimp to create a marketing campaign is also another option. It’s up to you!

And if you need advice on integrating PDFMonkey into your work environment, don’t hesitate to contact us on support.

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