What is the interest of an automation chain in my company?

If you repeat an action several times a day and your intervention does not add any value to it, it is time to integrate automation chains into your work routine.

What is a value-added action?

A value-added action is one where your manual or intellectual skills produce value, it is an action that cannot be replaced by that of a robot. For example, you bring expertise, creativity, data collected by hand or any other contribution related to your skills.

How to save time?

By integrating technology into all your tools and creating automated action chains. Imagine mechanically repeating the same task every day, such as downloading and archiving documents, or sending them to your customers, it is a task that can be automated. By integrating automations, you will be able to spend more time on your profession or on the relationship with your customers.

From when does adding automations become profitable?

When the time spent by you and therefore in equivalent of your salary becomes higher than the cost of the automation solution, your tool is profitable. Imagine spending an hour a day generating and classifying documents. This represents 5 hours per week and on average 22.5 hours of work per month. It costs your boss about 22.5h × 50€, for the equivalent of a small French salary, or more than 1125€ each month instead of investing in a software that would do it for at least 10 times less. How to create an automation chain?

To create an automation chain, start by making a list of the tasks you will repeat each time you have to perform an action. You can include ramifications and distinctions if several cases are possible. Be sure to simplify the process as much as possible. Your tree is now created. You can then use software such as Zapier or Make to drive your automation chains, choosing the right tools at each step.

How long does it take to integrate an automation chain?

It depends on the complexity of the chain but on average a few days, and you will sometimes need the help of a developer. These few days will be very quickly profitable, often within the first six months.

How do I make my boss understand this?

Explain the figures to him by balancing the time you will save against the cost of the solution. You can also suggest other missions that you can carry out instead to add the productivity gain generated by the time you will have freed up. If you are a freelancer or if you are the boss, don’t hesitate for a second.

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