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If you discovered us through Product Hunt, this article is for you. PDFMonkey is the low code solution to save you a lot of time in generating your PDFs. Our solution can be integrated into many automation chains that will save you precious time on repetitive tasks.

How to use our product?

Using PDFMonkey is easy. Follow this tutorial to get started with our solution. You will then be able to integrate a few lines into your code. With a few modifications, the chain will be operational. We will be there to assist you from support.

Integration with Zapier

PDFMonkey is very easy to integrate with Zapier, as the platform has already supported several actions offered in our interface. You will only have to select the one you want to associate with another action to create an automated chain. You will find all the possibilities on the integration page.

Integration with Make (formerly Integromat)

With our Make integration, you can directly connect our solution to Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also send the generated PDFs directly by email and even to Docusign. You have the possibility to customize the entire automation chain. Follow our dedicated guide to get started with Make.

Other integrations

In addition to integrating PDFMonkey with Zapier and Make, you can also use Workato, Glide, or simply code. All our integrations documentation is available here.

If you have any questions, please contact support during your trial.

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