Why use an automated PDF generation tool?

The origin of PDFMonkey

To tell you the truth, PDFMonkey was born when one of our founders’ clients asked for the creation of this same functionality. At that moment, Simon and Vincent realized that it could be used by developers around the world and they decided to create PDFMonkey.

The savings you will make

After doing the calculations, we realized that PDFMonkey, from its creation to the current version, represents more than 500 days of development, or about 500,000€ invested in the creation of the solution. By making it available, you save two years of development and the corresponding financial amount.

As Vincent likes to say: coding yourself is honorable, but saving time is better, by using code libraries. Time is money!

Tools complementary to PDFMonkey

Do you know PDF Filler? This is the complementary solution to PDFMonkey. It allows you to upload existing PDFs and position fillable areas on the design. This is an extremely practical solution in addition to ours.

You can also do this on PDF.co, which also offers other features such as PDF fragmentation, converting HTML to PDF, and even extracting data from PDF to CSV.

From one perspective to another

Instead of clicking on the PDF generation, downloading it, saving it in the right folder, and sending it by email to the right person, you can use your time to do something else.

If your CTO absolutely wants to develop the solution internally, offer him the figures announced above to change his mind. The integration of our solution is relatively quick, we have made the work easier for you.

We would only encourage you to equip yourself with all the tools that aim to make your life easier and save you time, so that you can focus on your business!

We remain at your disposal to offer you the best customer experience on PDFMonkey.

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