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Transform your custom questionnaires and tests into custom PDFs for your customers.

The personalization market has been very popular in recent years. Several companies have built personalized products or services because it is their main axis of competitive differentiation. Some have even created tests or questionnaires in this direction. Others still use personalized questionnaires as a marketing lever. Let’s study together how the automatic generation of personalized PDFs will be your best business tool.

Automatic PDF generation in product companies

If you have a company that personalizes its products, you will be able to generate different documents such as cosmetic compositions, compositions of different boxes of products, personalized labels and any other support that can be useful to you in terms of manual or industrial production, in terms of deliverables or marketing.

Automatic PDF generation in service companies

If you have a company that personalizes its services, you will be able to synthesize all the information directly entered by your client in a document generated automatically. This can work for sports programs, diets or even personality tests and other horoscopes.

Automatic PDF generation in companies whose business model is based on questionnaires

If you have a company that is based on personalized questionnaires as a business model, as is the case with many applications, you can allow your users to download the summary of their journey on the application. If for example, thanks to your application, you offer health, vehicle, or real estate self-diagnosis, your user will be able to generate personalized reports himself to make your life easier.

Automatic PDF generation in companies where marketing is based on quizzes and questionnaires

If you have a company that uses personalized questionnaires as a capture lever, offering a personalized summary is the best lead magnet you can hope for. In exchange for this summary, your customer will leave you his email and enter your sales funnel. Personality tests, horoscope, different quizzes and other self-diagnosis based on a matrix are excellent levers that you can consider if your company fits into these models.

As you will have understood, there are thousands of uses for personalized questionnaires and other tests. The PDF generated with it is often the point of differentiation from your competitors and brings a lot of value to your product. We remain at your disposal to implement PDFMonkey in your automation chain including a personalized questionnaire.

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