Blog / New Feature: Per-Template webhooks

Being able to set a different webhook for each Template is a feature that has been asked on many occasions and for a very long time. It’s been one of the most up-voted suggestions in our list, too!

Once again, we’ve listened to you!

We released last week a whole new Webhooks page where you can define multiple webhooks and filter for which Template(s) they get called!

This means you can define a webhook endpoint for a specific template, or a bunch. Whatever floats your boat!

And on top of that, you can now get the list of the calls we made and even retry them if needed.

You can learn more about webhooks in our dedicated documentation page.

We hope you like it!

May 17, 2022
Simon Courtois
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Simon is passionate about development, tech, design and continuous enhancement. CTO and Co-Founder at PDFMonkey he supervises the development and evolution of the platform making sure the product always respects our core values.