Blog / New Feature: Drag and drop Template editor (alpha)

This is a great day for PDFMonkey! 🎉

We’ve been long believers of the LowCode/NoCode movement at PDFMonkey. And today we’re moving the needle one inch further by releasing the alpha version of our brand-new visual Template editor!

Start building today!

The need to write HTML and CSS has been one of the many tradeoffs we had to make when we started PDFMonkey. Our engine needed to be powerful enough to create any Document, but with great power also came a major barrier to entry.

Well, this barrier is now down! Starting today, you can author Templates without touching any line of code!

This is a capital milestone for PDFMonkey, and we’re eager to see what you’ll build with it.

It’s an Alpha

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s an early release. This means that you might encounter issues along the way. We’ll do our best to address them in a timely fashion, but be warned that it might be a rocky road!

February 07, 2022
Simon Courtois
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Simon is passionate about development, tech, design and continuous enhancement. CTO and Co-Founder at PDFMonkey he supervises the development and evolution of the platform making sure the product always respects our core values.