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There are tales, legends that have lost their origin over time and that are now attributed to regions of the world, usually far away, and to people considered “wiser”, thus trying to give them the aura needed for them to be listened to with attention from the outset.

In reality, it doesn’t matter where its roots are planted: if a story has come to us, not only through space, but through time, something in its message resonates universally. This is the case for the one about the hummingbird and the fire.

The hummingbird and the fire

It is said that one day, in the jungle of one of these very distant countries, a huge fire broke out. All the animals fled, panicked and in great noise, trying to put as much distance as possible between them and the flames that devoured everything in their path.

In the middle of this stampede, a jaguar spotted a hummingbird that, instead of moving away from the fire like the rest of the animals, was heading towards him, from his fast and nervous flight. Panic nevertheless won out over surprise, and he continued on his way. A minute had not passed and he saw the same hummingbird passing over him again, in the opposite direction. And then again, towards the fire, of the same jerky flight.

This time, curiosity was the strongest and he decided to call out to the hummingbird: “Hummingbird! What are you doing?” The hummingbird, without ceasing the dizzying flapping of its wings replied “I go to the lake. There I fill my beak with water then I throw it on the fire to put out the fire.” When he heard these words, the jaguar couldn’t help but smile ironically: “You’re crazy! Do you really think you can put out this fire on your own, with these few drops of water from your beak?!” Without taking any offence, the hummingbird replied, “Well, I’m doing my part anyway.

With these words, he rushed back to the lake to fill his beak with water.

What about PDFMonkey?

You may be wondering what this story has to do with PDFMonkey. It’s very simple: while PDFMonkey is a company, it’s no less true that its team is sensitive to ecological issues and wants to “do its part”. Facilitating the dematerialization of mass documents through the creation of PDFs is one aspect of this concern for environmental issues. A drop of water.

Raising users’ awareness of these issues, without falling into guilt, is another. This is what we offer through the regular publication of articles on events taking place around the world and related to ecology, sustainable development and climate change.

So that everyone can, by really understanding the issues, bring their own drop of water.

November 21, 2019
Yasmina Guira

Yasmina is a geographer. Her travels started when she was very young, through books. It continued when she discovered geograhy in class and then with a bag on her back.